Commit 378d5be3 authored by Lana B's avatar Lana B
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remove incomplete timeseries when creating all indices

parent c2c943c7
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ from get_subpolar_gyre_functions import *
# file where to save results
output_file = ""
# should the output file be overwritten or should the values be filled in the exisitng one
overwrite_output_file = False
overwrite_output_file = True
# Regional variables
latitude_maximum = 61
......@@ -74,6 +74,10 @@ for model, emembers in paths_all_models.items():
if not spg is None:
print_info = False
amoc_index.loc[dict(models=model, ensemble_members=emember_in_amoc_index)] = spg
# remove all members where we have no or incomplete timeseries in AMOC strength
# this function also saves (the annual) amoc_index, amoc_strength @26.5N and amoc_strength @35N into a single dataset called ""
amoc_index = remove_incomplete_timeseries(amoc_index)
# Save the amoc index file with its new values
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