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update config

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......@@ -6,19 +6,25 @@ cfg <- list()
cfg$regionmapping <- "config/regionmappingH12.csv"
# which LPJmL data set should be used?
# which LPJmL data set should be used
# see cmuellers landuse folder for available options
cfg$lpjml <- c(natveg = "LPJmL4_for_MAgPIE_84a69edd",
crop = "ggcmi_phase3_nchecks_fbed5c8b",
cgrazing = "LPJmL_cgrazing",
mowing = "LPJmL_mowing")
# climate scenario specification (in the form of <gcm>:<scenario>)
cfg$climatetype <- "GFDL-ESM4:ssp370"
# available gcms: UKESM1-0-LL, MRI-ESM2-0, MPI-ESM1-2-HR, IPSL-CM6A-LR, GFDL-ESM4
# available scenarios: ssp126, ssp370, ssp585
# data revision
cfg$revision <- 4.59
# developer suffix for regional revision
cfg$dev <- "+mrmagpie_LPJmL_new3"
cfg$dev <- ""
# aggregation clustering type, which is a combination of a single letter, indicating the cluster methodology, and a number,
# indicating the number of resulting clusters. Available methodologies are hierarchical clustering (h), normalized k-means clustering
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