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title: Template for preparing your ISIpedia report submission using RMarkdown
# Use letters for affiliations, numbers to show equal authorship (if applicable) and to indicate the corresponding author
- name: Alice Anonymous
affiliation: a,1,2
- name: Bob Security
affiliation: a,b
- code: a
address: Some Institute of Technology, Department, Street, City, State, Zip
- code: b
address: Another University Department, Street, City, State, Zip
- code: 2
text: "To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:"
### Key messages: |
* Please provide the take home message of your study
* in bullet points
<place of Figure>
### How have we come to this figure?
The assessment provided here is based on our paper “title of the paper” published in “XYZ journal” in 2019. We have used simulations of ISIMIP...
### What we have found
### Where are the most relevant gaps in our knowledge?
Models are simplified representations of reality, hence model simulations come with limitations and uncertainties
that have to be kept in mind. Regarding our ... simulations we mainly see the following issues:
### References
This ISIpedia portal template is provided to help you write your work in the
advised format. Instructions for use are provided below and in the "For authors" document.
Guide to using this template {.unnumbered}
Author Affiliations {#author-affiliations .unnumbered}
Include department, institution, and complete address, with the
ZIP/postal code, for each author. Use lower case letters to match
authors with institutions, as shown in the example. Authors with an
ORCID ID may supply this information at submission.
Submitting Manuscripts {#submitting-manuscripts .unnumbered}
All authors must submit their articles by email to the ISIpedia editorial team
(Barbara Templ, Mahé Perrette) via
Format {#format .unnumbered}
Many authors find it useful to organize their manuscripts with the
following order of sections; Title, Author Affiliation, Key messages,
Results, Discussion, Materials and methods, and References.
Other orders and headings are permitted.
Data Archival {#data-archival .unnumbered}
ISIpedia must be able to archive the data essential to this study.
Language-Editing Services {#language-editing-services .unnumbered}
Prior to submission, authors who believe their manuscripts would benefit
from professional editing are encouraged to use a language-editing
service or ask the Editorial team for help.
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# Hurricanes
## Global overview
This is a minimalistic template for an hypothetical hurricane indicator.
Hurricanes will have a number of effect throughout the world.
In average, worldwide, they are projected to increase by {{world.time_var.get("2081-2100", "rcp85") | round(1)}} by the end of the century.
In that scenario, the three most affected countries will be:
- 1st: (ranking-area: time_var order: 1 value: name time: 2081-2100 scenario: rcp85)
- 2nd: (ranking-area: time_var order: 2 value: name time: 2081-2100 scenario: rcp85)
- 3rd: (ranking-area: time_var order: 3 value: name time: 2081-2100 scenario: rcp85)
## Detailed results
`{%if != world %}`
{{}} is the (ranking-value: time_var value: position time: 2081-2100 scenario: rcp85) most-affected country out of the (ranking-value: time_var value: total time: 2081-2100 scenario: rcp85) countries considered.
<th>2 degrees</th>
<th>4 degrees</th>
<th>time_var.get("2041-2060", "rcp85")</th>
<th>time_var.get("2081-2100", "rcp85")</th>
(line-plot: time_var,temp_var first-time: 2041-2060 2 first-scenario: rcp60 second-temperature: 2)
## Authors
The data presented here was originally published by bla bla bla, literature reference and adapted to the isipedia platform by bla bla bla.
Note that although the methods and main results were presented in a peer-reviewed journal, the original publication focused on a global analysis, so that not all 200+ countries have been reviewed individually.
ISIpedia provides data on country level for convenience, but cannot be held responsible for any issues with the data. Please contact the authors (author@contact) for more information.
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python -m isipedia.textgenerator --indicators drought
python -m isipedia.textgenerator --indicators drought --templates-dir ../isipedia-text-generator/templates
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