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### Key messages
* At today’s levels of 1°C of global warming the simulated land area affected is already 1862800 km<sup>2</sup> larger (1.0% of the land area) than in a world without climate change where the annual area affected by droughts is 1795700 km<sup>2</sup> (1.4% of World’s land area). The number of people exposed is 35.4 million (0.5% of the population) larger than without climate change where the annual number of people exposed to droughts was 55.0 million (0.8% of World’s population).
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* Following the higher-emissions scenario (RCP6.0) which can entail over 3°C of global warming by the end of the century (2081-2100) ([Frieler et al. 2017]( the land area affected by droughts would increase by 7247700 km<sup>2</sup> (5.7% of the land area) and reach 6.7% of the country’s land area. Assuming present-day population patterns the population exposed would reach 2.3% of World’s population, and increase by 2.0 million compared to a situation without climate change.
### Global ranking map
- 2 degrees warming, land:
(ranking-map: land-abs-temp temperature: 2)
- 2 degrees warming, population:
(ranking-map: pop-abs-temp temperature: 2)
### How have we got the results?
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