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* To type check About.lidr (or other literate Idris file) with idris
(version 1.3.3) in your path:
(version 1.3.2) in your path:
+ Download IdrisLibs or IdrisLibs2 from [1] or [2].
+ Download IdrisLibs2 from [1].
+ enter "idris -i $IDRISLIBS --sourcepath $IDRISLIBS --allow-capitalized-pattern-variables About.lidr
+ enter *idris -i $IDRISLIBS --sourcepath $IDRISLIBS --allow-capitalized-pattern-variables -p contrib About.lidr*
where IDRISLIBS is the path of IdrisLibs or IdrisLibs2.
where *IDRISLIBS* is the path of IdrisLibs2.
* To generate a PostScript version of the paper:
+ enter "make" in the command line.
+ enter *make* in the command line.
* If you encounter any issue, please get in touch (
* [1]
* [2]
* [1]
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