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# On the Correctness of Monadic Backward Induction
This directory contains the Idris development presented in [1].
## Contents
- [paper](./paper): The paper is written in literate Idris and its sources can be found in this folder. They can be compiled to pdf using `make` and type-checked using the command `idris --checkpkg paper.ipkg`.
- [code](./code): This folder contains a condensed version of the relevant source code (also provided as supplementary material to the paper). It can be type-checked using the command `idris --checkpkg
code.ipkg`. The folder contains another [README](./code/ indicating the content
of the individual files.
- [examples](./examples): This folder contains the lightweight version of the BJI-framework discussed in [1], augmented with the necessary implementations for computing optimal extensions and using the framework's backward induction algorithm. It needs the library from [2] to type-check. The folder contains another [README](./examples/ with instructions.
Generated intermediate code and executables can be deleted with `idris
--clean code.ipkg` or `idris --clean paper.ipkg`, respectively.
The literate Idris files have been successfully type-checked with Idris 1.3.2.
If you encounter any issues, please get in touch with [Nicola Botta]( or [Nuria Brede](
### Acknowledgement
This is [TiPES]( contribution No 37.
This project has received funding from
the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 820970.
### Timeline
* 2020-06-14: Submitted to the Journal of Functional Programming (JFP)
* 2020-11-02: Decision: Major revision
* 2020-02-23: TODO: Submit revised manuscript
[1] Nuria Brede and Nicola Botta. (2021)
On the Correctness of Monadic Backward Induction.
[2] Nicola Botta. (2016-21)
[3] Botta, N., Jansson, P., Ionescu, C. (2017).
Contributions to a computational theory of policy advice and avoidability. J. Funct. Program. 27:e23.
* To type check About.lidr (or other literate Idris file) with idris
(version 1.3.3) in your path:
+ Download IdrisLibs or IdrisLibs2 from [1] or [2].
+ enter "idris -i $IDRISLIBS --sourcepath $IDRISLIBS --allow-capitalized-pattern-variables About.lidr
where IDRISLIBS is the path of IdrisLibs or IdrisLibs2.
* To generate a PostScript version of the paper:
+ enter "make" in the command line.
* If you encounter any issue, please get in touch (
* [1]
* [2]
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