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# Course on functional languages and dependently typed languages
## Summary
The course consists of 11 regular lectures and 2 extra lectures. The regular lectures consist of three main parts:
1. an introduction motivating the use of formal methods from theoretical computer science in climate science,
2. an introduction to mathematical specification, functional and dependently typed programming, and computer-verified proofs,
3. an introduction to the Botta et al. framework for decision-making under uncertainty in the context of climate science, including an example application of the framework as in [2].
4. The extra lectures provide some theoretical background to the topics covered in the main lectures:
- an introduction to formal logic and the correspondence between proofs in constructive logic and programs in dependently typed programming languages,
- an introduction to the notions of functor and monad from the perspective of category theory.These play an important role in the Botta et al. framework.
Part 1 of the regular lectures and the two extra lectures are provided as presentation slides. Parts 2 and 3 of the regular lectures are included in this document as lecture notes, but they are also available as “literate” Idris [5] source code files which can be machine-checked (“type-checked”) and compiled, and from which the lecture notes can be generated automatically using the tool lhs2tex [6].
## Type-Checking
To use the Literate Idris files of the lectures, you need an installation of Idris 1 (the files are tested with version 1.3.2). For instructions on how to get started, see the [Idris tutorial](
Once Idris is up and running (and `idris` in your path),
- download IdrisLibs [3].
- enter `idris -i $IDRISLIBS --sourcepath $IDRISLIBS --build lectures.ipkg` to build the files
- or enter `idris -i $IDRISLIBS --sourcepath $IDRISLIBS --allow-capitalized-pattern-variables --checkpkg lectures.ipkg` to just type-check the files
- or type-check individual `.lidr` files and load them into the interactive Idris REPL (Read-Eal-Print-Loop) by typing
`idris -i $IDRISLIBS --sourcepath $IDRISLIBS --allow-capitalized-pattern-variables [filename].lidr`
where `IDRISLIBS` is the path of `IdrisLibs` on your machine.
To remove the generated code, you can use
`idris --clean lectures.ipkg`.
## References
[1] Botta, N., Jansson, P., Ionescu, C. (2017). Contributions to a computational theory of policy advice and avoidability. J. Funct. Program., 27, e23.
[2] Botta, N., Jansson, P., Ionescu, C.(2018). The impact of uncertainty on optimal emission policies. Earth Syst. Dynam., 9, 525-542.
[3] Botta, N. et al.(2016-2021). IdrisLibs,
[4] Botta, Nicola, Brede, Nuria, Crucifix, Michel, & Martı́nez Montero, Marina. (2020). Course on functional languages and dependently typed languages.
[5] Brady,E. (2013). Idris, a general-purpose dependently typed programming language: Design and implementation. Journal of Functional Programming 23(9):552–593.
[6] Löh, A., [lhs2texPreprocessor](
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